Global mental health websites

Mental health NGOS

BasicNeedsWorks with people suffering from mental and neurological illnesses in rural and urban areas in Africa and Asia

CBM International Christian development organisation committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in low income regions

Africa Mental Health Foundation Research organization in Kenya and regionally supporting evidence-based policy, service provision and health promotion for mental and neurological health, and substance use

Mental Health Association of Tanzania Advocates for mental health services in Tanzania

Mental Health Society GhanaMembership-based association for service users advocating for the needs and rights of people with mental illness or epilepsy in Ghana.

Cape Mental Health Society Provides or facilitates comprehensive, pro-active and enabling mental health services in the Western Cape, South Africa

Manas Works both at the demand and supply end of community mental health needs in non-hospital settings in India

SANJIVINI Society for Mental Health Provides free and confidential counselling to people with emotional and mental distress in India

Global mental health networks and advocacy groups

World Federation of Mental Health Worldwide grassroots advocacy and public education organization in the mental health field

Gulbenkian Platform for Global Mental Health Seeks to support the global movement for a UN Summit on Mental Health

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Network (MHPSS) Connects people, networks and organisations for sharing resources and building knowledge related to mental health in emergency settings and situations of adversity

Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) Makes available a range of user-friendly manuals and guidelines on social and emotional wellbeing

A Billion Minds and Lives Provides resources on mental health user-driven information and quality improvement tools

Mental Health in Higher Education Network Promotes networking and sharing of approaches across academic disciplines in UK higher education to enhance learning and teaching about mental health

Movement for Global Mental Health Offers a platform for individuals and organizations to share ideas, initiate activities, and seek resources on mental health

Mental Health Worldwide Advocacy group dedicated to increase awareness about mental health and related issues and conditions

Society for Emotional Wellbeing Worldwide (SEWW) Facilitates networking, information exchange and collaboration amongst mental health professionals

MindFreedom Non-profit organization that unites grassroots groups to advocate for human rights and alternatives for people with psychiatric disabilities

Sites with useful resources

Mental Health Daily: Useful stories and links related to global mental health

Global Mental Health-Map (GMH-Map) Collaborative project which compiles and shares important resources for global mental health

Institute of Psychiatry (KCL) audio feeds Includes links to public lectures, debates and events at the Institute of Psychiatry, including the on-going Maudsley Debates series

PsychCentral Offers mental health material (mental health websites, newsgroups, and mailing lists) and information about online support groups for people with mental disorders

World Health Organization - mental health Provides information on WHO programmes, projects and resources on mental health

World Health Organization Resources for the Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders Provides resources for the prevention and treatment of Substance Use Disorders

In2mental health Provides information from and between mental health workers, NGO's, institutes, and others who are interested in improving mental health in low-and-middle income countries

Global mental health funders

Grand Challenges in Global Mental Health USA Government initiative seeking to identify the main challenges facing global mental health

Grand Challenges Canada Canadian Government initiative supporting integrated science/technology, social and business innovation in global health in low- and middle-income countries and Canada

NIMH USA Government Department supporting basic and clinical research for prevention, recovery, and cure of mental disorders

Wellcome Trust Global charitable foundation supporting research in biomedicine and the medical humanities

DFiD UK Government Department supporting development-focused research