Upcoming course: Leadership in Mental Health

2013-11-18 | Goa, India

The CGMH, together with India’s non-profit organization, SANGATH, will be running their annual Leadership in Mental Health course in Goa, India from the 18th to the 29th of November 2013. The course is designed to meet two key objectives:

1)      To equip participants with the methods to develop and scale up interventions for people with mental disorders in low resource settings; and

2)      To enhance leadership skills needed to scale up mental health care programs and promote the human rights of people affected by mental disorders.

Overall, the course builds capacity to meet the goals of the Movement for Global Mental Health and the Lancet 2007 series on Global Mental Health. The course is designed for people who are committed to improving the care for those with mental disorders and promoting their human rights. Prior expertise in a clinical speciality related to mental health is not essential. The course tutors include, amongst others, CGMH co-director Prof. Vikram Patel, CGMH staff member Prof. Graham Thornicroft and CGMH seminar organizer and PhD student Dr. Abhijit Nadkarni.

The following attachment contains more information, including the course structure, learning outcomes, methods, tutors, fees and contact details.