World Mental Health Day Event: The Arts & Global Mental Health

09-10-2017 | LSHTM Keppel St


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The Centre for Global Mental Health presents 

World Mental Health Day Event

The Arts & Global Mental Health


Date: Monday9th October 2017

Start time: 5:30 pm

Location: South Courtyard Café, Keppel St, LSHTM


In celebration of World Mental Health Day (WMHD), the Centre for Global Mental Health invite you to join us for an evening of creative expression. The social event will include:

  • An exhibition of two exciting projects by Georgina Miguel-Esponda and Shivani Mathur Gaiha that explore perceptions and experiences of people with mental health related stigma in Mexico and India. See attachment for more information.
  • A live performance by a poet and visual artist Nikita Gill, who is currently taking the internet by storm. She will be sharing poetry from her new book Wild Embers.
  • A brief talk by Dr Becky Inkster, a Research Fellow at Cambridge University on her new innovative anti-stigma mental health jewellery line.
  • A photo competition launch to mark this year’s WMHD theme, “mental health in the work place”. The photography competition will be themed “What does wellbeing mean to you?” aimed at encouraging self-care in the workplace.


5:30 pm: Drinks reception

5:45 pm: Introduction to event

6:00 pm: Launch of photography competition

6:15 pm: Talk byDr Inkster on her new anti-stigma jewellery line

6:25 pm: Performance by Nikita Gill

6:45 pm: Guided tour of exhibition: “CREATORS” project, India

7:00 pm: Guided tour of exhibition: “Perspectives from the Sierra”, Mexico