CGMH staff member Alex Cohen and others, through the support of CBM, develop manual to guide evaluation of on-going community mental programmes in LMICs

23 November 2012

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As the field of Global Mental Health grows, and more mental health programmes are developed, there is a need to better understand how such programmes work.  What aspects are seen as central to good administration or service delivery?  Are there lessons that can be learnt about a particular programme model that can be useful in establishment of new programmes?  Are there lessons about successful strategies to maximise the effectiveness of limited resources?

These are the questions that prompted CBM -- one of the major international funders of disability programmes -- to support a study to develop a case study method of evaluating on-going community mental programmes when it is not feasible to conduct randomized clinical trials.  The project began in 2008 and over the next 2 years, Dr Alex Cohen, an anthropologist based at LSHTM and a CGMH staff member conducted site visits to community mental health programmes in Nigeria, Ghana, India, East Timor, and the Philippines and used those experiences to develop (in consultation with a number of colleagues) a manual that would guide the collection of information that was deemed essential to understanding its operations and would make it possible to systematically compare programmes in different settings.

CBM has produced a version of the manual and the accompanying tables that can be downloaded from here.

French language versions of the manual and tables are also available.

It anyone has questions about the use of the manual you can contact Dr Cohen at