Lancet Psychiatry publishes Zimbabwe Mental Health Systems paper

29 June 2017

This paper details the findings of a three-year health systems analysis of mental health in Zimbabwe outlining challenges, opportunities, and priorities for future research and funding. The study was carried out by Kushinga, a new Zimbabwean mental health non-governmental organization. A key finding of the study was that the criminal justice system played a central role in mental health, but that it was frequently neglected. The paper is only one output from this health systems study along and is designed to complement a policy report for more general audiences. Kushinga is a Zimbabwean organization devoted to promoting mental health for Zimbabwe's most vulnerable populations through research, advocacy, capacity building, community awareness, and intersectoral collaboration. It was co-founded by Helen Jack (IoPPN) and Dr. Khameer Kidia - who financed this study mostly out-of-pocket as medical students thanks to the help of an extraordinary team of voluntary Zimbabwean and international partners.

Also available is the lay language report: