Mindful ARTS

09 October 2017

Mindful ARTS is a novel program for youth aged 16-25. It is designed for youth at risk of poor health, social or educational outcomes, to bring life. It engages young people through Creative Arts, especially dance, drama and music, It teaches mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques. It facilitates self-expression and social connectedness.

The program is co-led by Tariro Negitare, Professional Musician and Dr Melanie Abas, Reader at CGMH. Partners include Tarisai Bere, Clinical Psychologist; Dr Sara Lowe, Physician; the BRIT school and the Zvandiri Program. We are currently piloting integrating specific psychological therapies depending on need, such as problem-solving, behavioural activation and adherence counselling.  With funding from King's Cultural Institute, young people are making a film about the group.

For more information please contact: melanie.abas@kcl.ac.uk, tarironegitare@gmail.com

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