Supplement issue in AIDS includes topics on mental health and HIV/AIDS

16 January 2013

AIDS: The Official Journal of the International AIDS Society has recently published a supplement issue dealing with the future need for HIV treatment and care with a focus on developing countries. Mental health, and its relationship with HIV/AIDS is a key issue dealt with in various of the articles in this supplement. Have a look at the following articles here:

1) Rosie Mayston, Eugene Kinyanda, Nathaniel Chishinga, Martin Prince and Vikram Patel. (2012). Mental disorder and the outcome of HIV/AIDS in low-income and middle-income countries: A systematic review. AIDS, 26 (Suppl 2):S117–S135.

2) David A. Rossa, Annabelle Southa, Ian Wellerc and James Hakimd. 2012. Evidence for Action on HIV treatment and care systems in low and middle-income countries: background and introduction. AIDS, 26 (Suppl 2):S97–S103.

3) David A Rossa, Annabelle South, Ian Wellerc and James Hakimd. HIV treatment and care systems: the way forward. AIDS, 26 (Suppl 2):S147–S152.

4) Paula Munderia, Heiner Grosskurth, Benson Drotia and David A. Ross. 2012. What are the essential components of HIV treatment and care services in low and middle-income countries: an overview by settings and levels of the health system? AIDS, 2012, 26 (Suppl 2):S97–S103