Research degree students

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health

Department of Population Health

  • Asmae Doukani
    Exploring the working alliance in a blended human supported computerised cognitive behavioural intervention for depression: A mixed methods study (Supervisors: Ricardo Araya)
  • Elaine Flores
    Mental health effects and resilience strategies after El Niño events in Peru (Supervisors: Victoria Simms, Daniela Fuhr, Nicki Thorogood)
  • Shivani Mathur Gaiha
    Evaluation of a pilot youth-driven, arts-based intervention to reduce public stigma associated with mental health in India (Supervisors: Mark Petticrew, Tatiana Taylor Salisbury, Usha Raman and Meghana V Aruru)
  • Leah Kenny
    (Supervisors: )
  • Divya Kumar
    Perinatal mental health in India (Supervisors: )
  • Daiane Machado
    Impact of the Brazilian government programs (Mental Health Care Centers (CAPS) & Cash Transfer Program (BFP)) and Social Determinants on suicide and homicide. (Supervisors: Ricardo Araya, Laura Rodrigues)
  • Georgina Miguel-Esponda
    Implementation of integrated services for CMD in primary health care clinics in Mexico (Supervisors: )
  • Tessa Roberts
    Barriers to treatment seeking for depressive symptoms in rural India (Supervisors: Sujit Rathod, Shino Shiode, Vikram Patel and Rahul Shidhaye)
  • Annette Marie Ruth
    Using SEM to evaluate the VISHRAM complex community mental health intervention: Investigating treatment-seeking behaviours, adherence, and follow-up with respect to collective patient outcomes in central India (Supervisors: Vikram Patel & Mary DeSilva)
  • Grace Ryan
    Best practices in integrating MHIS and mental health M&E in sub-Saharan Africa (Supervisors: Mary De Silva and Julian Eaton)

Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology

  • Joshua Mendelsohn
    Adherence to highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in conflict-affected and displaced populations (Supervisors: David Ross)

Faculty of Public Health and Policy

Department of Global Health and Development

Department of Social and Environmental Health Research

  • Gunilla Backman
    Explore the use of the right to health approach in analysing health system in post-conflict countries - focussing upon mental health in South Sudan (Supervisors: Bayard Roberts)
  • Sara Cooper
    Opening the black box: The production of knowledge on help-seeking for mental illness in Africa (Supervisors: Nicki Thorogood & Mary De Silva)

Kings Health Partners

Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (KCL)

Health Service and Population Research Department

  • Naana Agyeman
    The Prevalence and Sociocultural Features of Dementia in Rural Ghana, Kintampo (Supervisors: Dr. Maelenn Guerchet, Dr. Rosie Mayston)
  • Natasha Croome
    (Supervisors: )
  • Christina Daskalopoulou
    Determinants and Trajectories of Healthy Ageing Associations of Physical Activity, Smoking and Alcohol Consumption with Healthy Ageing throughout the Lifespan (Supervisors: Dr Matthew A Prina, Dr Artemis Koukounari and Prof Martin Prince)
  • Victor Doku
    Risk factors for schizophrenia and related psychosis in rural Ghana (Supervisors: Martin Prince & Matthew Hoptof)
  • Mariella Guerra
    A comparative cross-cultural study of the prevalence and correlates of late life depression in low and middle income countries (Supervisors: Martin Prince & Cleusa Ferri)
  • Onaiza Qureshi
    (Supervisors: )
  • Caroline Smartt
    (Supervisors: )
  • Norha Vera
    Defining and Measuring Recovery From Severe Mental Disorder in Latin America (Supervisors: Sara Evans-Lacko, Margaret Heslin, Ezra Susser)
  • Nicole Votruba
    From knowledge to policy: Understanding mental health as a policy priority in the context of low and middle income countries. (Supervisors: Prof Graham Thornicroft, Prof Jonathan Grant)

Department of Psychology


“I did a PhD through the Centre for Global Mental Health, registered at LSHTM and with co-supervisors from the IoP.  My time at the Centre was a deeply rewarding experience, being able to draw on the unique expertise, networks and opportunities of both of these two world-renowned institutions. The Centre facilitated great supervision across the two institutions which are within easy reach of each other… plus it was fun to catch the picturesque nature of the city of London on the famous double-decker red bus en route to meet your supervisors!”

Ben Weobong, previous PhD  student from Ghana