The course and outcome of alcohol use disorders (AUD): A population based cohort study in Goa, India

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Funding sources: 
Wellcome Trust
Centre members working on project: 
Vikram Patel, Abhijit Nadkarni

The broad aim of the study is to describe the longitudinal history and impact of AUDs; and the incidence of AUDs in a representative sample of adult men in Goa, India. This study has a retrospective cohort design.

The cohort will comprise all the respondents who were recruited for SAAHAS, a population based cross-sectional survey of the prevalence of AUD in rural and urban communities conducted in Goa in 2006. This cohort contains 3 levels of exposure ie AUD, casual drinking and abstinence.

Follow up data collection will start in 2012. Key outcomes that we will be describing are AUD, disability, common mental disorder, physical health problems, health service utilisation, workplace problems and other social problems.