Mental Health in Adults and Children: Frugal Innovations (MAC-FI)

Project Description

The burden of common mental health problems, Vietnam’s socio-economic context and the shortage of mental health specialists has created a critical gap in support for people living with mental health problems in Vietnam. Currently, psychosocial interventions for common mental disorders in both adults and children are almost entirely unavailable.

This ‘frugal innovation’ will seek to address this gap by providing low-cost, evidence-based psychosocial interventions to adults and children.

To address depression in adults, a Supported Self-Management intervention will be applied. This is where patients receive coaching from a care provider. The use of a skills-orientated workbook based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) will also be tested.

For children’s behavioral disorders, a family-based education intervention called Strongest Families will be piloted and tested. This involves parents receiving coaching by telephone.

CGMH Project Team Member(s)