Rebalance Working Group

As part of CGMH's commitment towards towards racial justice, social equity and mental health, we want to listen and take action to end structural racism. We want to tackle racial and national hierarchies and exploitative systems in GMH.

The CGMH Rebalance Working Group (centRE for gloBal mentAl heaLth rAce aNd ethniC Equality) was established in July 2020 at LSHTM to operationalise our goals. Namely, through the Rebalance Working Group, CGMH aims to support its members to expand current efforts toward realising social justice in our institutions and in the field of global mental health. More broadly:

  • We will challenge the status quo in global health research, teaching and careers and question existing power and knowledge hierarchies at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and in the countries where we live and work to fight against  ethnic and racial injustices.

  • We will work together within our institution and the global mental health community to 1) create space to listen, reflect, examine, discuss and raise awareness; and 2) ensure equitable, inclusive, and accountable practices across all of our research, teaching, citizenship and engagement activities.

  • We are committed to tackling existing discriminatory management processes and structures to end structural racism by setting up tangible diversity goals, and creating processes that cultivate the inclusion of Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Indigenous people and communities within our institution. 


Email contact: Asmae [dot] Doukani [at] lshtm [dot] ac [dot] uk (Asmae Doukani)

Alumni Working Group Members: Dr Rabeea'h Aslam, Natasha Salaria