Mrs Lisa Aissaoui

UK-PHRST Project Coordinator

Lisa Aissaoui is an Anthropologist & Global Mental Health professional with a dedication for both research & field intervention as well as a focus on the African continent and the development of new technologies and digital tools.

Prior to joining the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team at LSHTM, Lisa took part in research in the Global Epilepsy project led by Oxford University to conduct interviews and understand the daily challenges of people living with epilepsy in low to middle income countries. She has also previously worked with WHO Collaborating Centre for research and training in mental health in Lille, France where she was managing a Northwest European research project to assess the needs of people living with PTSD or Alzheimer disease, health care professionals and carers to then lead to the co-creation of digital and technological tools for the management of anxiety, meeting the needs of the different actors in the field. Lisa was also coordinating a training programme in Burkina Faso including training on management for PTSD, community mental health and mhGAP training for trainers as well as a QualityRights observation. 

She has also worked with CBM Burkina Faso on the implementation of the mhGAP along with the Ministry of Health and other major stakeholders. Involved in both English and French speaking countries, Lisa has also contributed to work on bridging the linguistic blocks on the African continent through conferences to encourage more bottom-up collaboration in the field of mental health between the various institutions.