Ms Lucy Owusu

PhD student in Health Economics

Lucy Owusu is currently a PhD student at the Health Service and Population Research Department, IoPPN, Kings College London with the King’s Health Economics Group. Her PhD research aims to develop economic evaluation methods based on contextual understanding and generating relevant information to undertake a cost-effectiveness analysis of a school-based stepped-care mental health intervention in Ghana. The goal is to offer useful policy suggestions to inform intersectoral resource allocation decisions between the education and health sectors in the context of school-based health interventions. Her PhD research is part of the Y-MIND programme which is funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research.

Prior to starting her PhD, Lucy served as a research assistant at the Kumasi Center for Collaborative research in Tropical Medicine (KCCR) on a NIHR funded project. The project aimed to improve the experiences of people suffering from severely stigmatized neglected tropical diseases of the skin in Ghana. Her role involved contributing to data collection, analysis and the economic evaluation components of the project.

Lucy has over 8 years’ experience of undertaking community-based health research and advocacy. She has used several medium such as community gatherings, radio, health walks and religious activities to educate and create awareness of health promotion in areas such as disease prevention, good health seeking behaviors, mental wellbeing, personal hygiene and the effect of self-medication in several rural communities in Ghana.

In addition, Lucy works as a youth coach and a mentor in her community where she uses her knowledge and personal experiences to guide and support young people to realize their potential and achieve their life goals.