Rethinking the future of health systems by Professor Kenji Shibuya

2 May 2019
Small Lecture Theatre, IoPPN Main Building, King's College London, Denmark Hill Campus, SE5 8AF

The Centre for Global Mental Health and

King's Global Health Institute invite you to


Rethinking the future of health systems

Prof. Kenji Shibuya, Director, University Institute for Population Health, King's College London 


This presentation will review the challenges and opportunities in population health approaches and address its implication to the future of health systems. In 2015, Kenji chaired and led the advisory panel that presented a vision for Japanese healthcare in 2035. The panel’s report, ‘Health Care 2035’, describes a health care system designed for people of all lifestyles. The visions and approaches proposed are consistent with those addressed in the 2016 landmark report by the UK Academy of Medical Sciences, ‘Improving the Health of the Public by 2040’.

This report suggested a paradigm shift in research, medical practices, and public health: the revolutionary, so-called ‘health of the public’ approach, which involves disciplines that are not usually considered components of the public health field. As the interactions between science, society, and policy change day-by-day, four public health ‘tsunamis’ with global reach have become worthy of concern: population aging, chronic diseases, health technologies, and globalization. Such issues should be tackled by the innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to research and practices in population health.

This seminar is part of the series of events celebrating the 10 years of the Centre for Global Mental Health. This event is free to attend and open to all.

Click here to view a video of the presentation and slides