The Global Mental Health Seminar Series

17 Apr 2018, 17:30 to 18:30
John Snow (A), Keppel Street Building, LSHTM

Digital psychiatry, ethics and society: a collection of disruptive thoughts

About the seminar

Dr Becky Inkster will use this seminar as a platform for engaging with her audience in an open, informal discussion about observations and experiences she has gained while working in the field of digital mental health. During her talk she will:

· Cover topics including psychiatry, policy, pop culture, ethics, statistics, social media platforms, neuroscience and more.

· Identify innovation across these topics and highlight areas she considers to be overlooked, underestimated and uncharted.

· Invite interested members from her audience to join her in developing and publishing these collective thoughts.


About the speaker

Dr Inkster is a neuroscientist and Honorary Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge (UK) and visiting Scholar in the Columbia School of Social Work at Columbia University (USA). Her work seeks innovative ways to improve our understanding and treatment of mental health, and includes chatbot intervention data analysis, creating culturally-sensitive youth-focused designs, researching genetics and social networks and pairing longitudinal offline cohort data with digital footprints. Dr Inkster has recently been commissioned by The Lancet Psychiatry to write a Series of papers on digital mental health and is currently working with Facebook to develop policies and products aimed to support mental health. She is also collaborating with the Centre for the Future of Intelligence (University of Cambridge) to present at the "UN Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Good Summit" on the topic of trust and disadvantaged AI stakeholders. Dr Inkster is a Lead/Creator of the Digital Innovation in Mental Health Conference (London, UK) and is a co-founder of the social venture ‘Hip Hop Psych’. She also holds advisory roles, in AI, digital psychiatry & ethics including Legal & General and Touckin / Wysa.

Registration details

All welcome to attend, please click here to register.