BJPsych Editor's Choice of the year award announced

15 Jul 2020

The BJPsych yesterday announced the winners of several publishing prizes for papers published in BJPsych in 2019. The Editor's Choice of the year has been awarded to Professor Oye Gureje and Dr Bibi Oladejali for their paper ‘High- versus low- intensity interventions for perinatal depression delivered by non-specialist primary maternal care providers in Nigeria: Cluster randomised controlled trial (The EXPONATE trial)’. Professor Ricardo Araya, Co-Director of the CGMH had a Senior role within the research team in this study and several other projects, and was a co-author on the winning publication.

Professor Gureje wrote: ‘Task-shifting is the most viable way of scaling up service to underserved populations of low- and middle-income countries. Perinatal women experiencing depression constitute a particularly vulnerable group whose condition has serious consequences for their infants. This award is helpful in highlighting one effort designed to bring sustainable care to such women’.

Click here to access the publication.