Digital mental health intervention RCT in LMIC results published in JAMA

11 May 2021

Professor Ricardo Araya and colleagues in Brazil, Peru, US, and the UK have published the results emerging from their LATIN-MH hub funded by US-NIMH. This is the first digital mental health intervention RCT from a low-and-middle income country (LMIC) published by the highly reputable JAMA journal (IF 45.5). The study is the largest ever published from LMIC, the methodology rigorous, and results promising at a time when digital mental health interventions have become ever so popular due to distance restrictions. This is a major achievement from our group that has been developing several digital mental health interventions, including apps, games, WhatsApp automated messages, and videoconferencing platforms.  Global mental health publications from LMIC rarely get published in high-impact journals but when they do, it reflects a major achievement. Congratulations to the Latin America group led by Professor Araya for this massive achievement and good luck with the other digital mental health projects the group is involved with in that region!