Prof Araya delivers keynote speech at 25th International Mental Health Nursing Research Conference 2019 in London

24 Sep 2019

Professor Ricardo Araya, Co-Director of the Centre for Global Mental health at King’s College London, gave a keynote speech at the 25th International Mental Health Nursing Research (MHNR) Conference in London in September.

Prof Araya delivered a talk titled ‘Global mental health: how to fill in the gap’, focusing on global mental health in low-and-middle income countries and the role of nurses. He highlighted the huge treatment gap and the contributing reasons for this, while identifying some successful innovative solutions that have been used in an attempt to fill in this gap, in particular the role of task-shifting - transferring healthcare to nurses and other less specialized health workers, and the role technology can play in assisting this strategy.

The International MHNR conference, hosted by the Royal College of Nursing, explored developments in mental health nursing research, education and practice. It showcased how nurse-led initiatives are influencing the global mental health agenda and improving quality of life for people living with mental health difficulties. There is a rapidly increasing involvement of nurses in global mental health which is a fabulous development as nurses constitute half of the entire health workforce!

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Click below to hear an interview with Prof Ricardo Araya at MHNR conference by Andre Tomlin (Mental Elf)