Adaptation of the WHO group interpersonal therapy for people living with HIV/AIDS in Northwest Ethiopia

27 Aug 2020
Biksegn Asrat, Crick Lund, Fentie Ambaw, and Marguerite Schneider


Psychological treatments improve depressive symptoms in people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). Adaptation of treatments should be based on explanatory models of depression and other elements within the given context.


This study aimed to examine explanatory models of depression and acceptable approaches for implementation of group IPT in Northwest Ethiopia.


Qualitative data were collected from April to May 2019 from case managers, adherence supporters and service users using focus group discussion and analysed thematically.


PLWHA attributed depression to psychosocial problems, spiritual factors and biological factors. Depression had several impacts at individual and family level. Group-based interpersonal therapy (IPT) was acceptable if provided by trained peer counselors.


The current study findings informed how to conduct feasibility and acceptability trials of group IPT in the HIV population in Ethiopia.