Prevalence of dementia among elderly people living in Cotonou, an urban area of Benin (West Africa).

01 Jan 2011
Paraïso MN, Guerchet M, Saizonou J, Cowppli-Bony P, Mouanga AM, Nubukpo P, Preux PM, Houinato DS


The population of Benin is, like those of most developing countries, aging; dementia is therefore a major concern. Our goal was to estimate the prevalence of dementia in an elderly population living in urban Benin.


In a cross-sectional community-based study, people aged 65 years and above were screened using the Community Screening Interview for Dementia and the Five-Word Test.


The prevalence of dementia was 3.7% (95% CI 2.6-4.8) overall. The figure increased with age and was higher among women than men.


Dementia was slightly more prevalent than previously reported in a rural area of Benin, but the rate was similar to that recorded in other cities in developing countries.